Issue 4 is here!

We are pleased to announce that Issue 4 has been released! Some 30 issues were distributed at the Coffee Bandits poetry night. Over the next few weeks, the remaining 170 issues will be distributed throughout Merced. TREE is now up online through issuu! Never again be lost without TREE!

TREE Issue 4 Cover

Merced comes alive in the summer. At least, I’ve always felt that way. There’s something about that daily see-saw–that extreme, repeating, dry heat which balances against the pristinity of the night–which calls in an examination of ourselves. The poet Jared Stanley once told his students, “Merced is the most interesting place you will ever live.” I believe him. There is a critical point where the density of life interferes with our ability to appreciate it, and be appreciated. Merced is a town for writing, for elaboration, and for imagination.

As the summer goes on, let our poetry grow and adapt. See within elaborations, between lines, and consider just as the weather comes most temperate. The summer will see two more issues of TREE, issues 5 and 6, mid-summer, and summer’s end. I encourage any and all Merced artists to write, create, document, and scribble throughout the summer–Submit to TREE. Your voice will be heard. Merced will change you.



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