Anyone in Merced is welcome to submit to TREE. You may submit as much as you like, as many times as you like! We will print what we can. We prioritize variety of authors, and tend not to print more than a couple half-size pages per author. Each issue is limited to 24 pages. If we have extra work from an author, it will automatically be considered for future issues. You can submit below or by email, sent to with ‘TREE submission’ in the title, including the name of the author and the work. We highly recommend submitting PDFs of your submissions, although it is not required. You may also submit in person at Coffee Bandits in an envelope marked TREE with the name of the author, and title of the work.

The optional theme this issue is TRAGEDY. Life is chaotic. We all know tragedy. It shapes us, and provides profound lessons. For TREE 9, feel inspired by TRAGEDY.

The deadline for poems to be considered for TREE 9: TRAGEDY is August 27th, 2015!

By submitting to TREE, you give TREE permission to print and distribute your poem, however the author retains copyright.


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